There is humor in numbers, harness it

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Lesser-known excel tricks for being awesome

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1. Don't touch the mouse if you don't have to.

If you hit alt, you will get all the keyboard shortcuts. Navigate only with the keyboard.

2. The apostrophe in front helps you retain your formula without executing it.

Use it to write complex long formulas to retain it while you drift away for a while.

3. Toss the mouse and the point-and-click.

Go into editing cell text mode by pressing F2.

4. Concatenate using the &.

Instead of


5. Use F4 to “Repeat the last action”

Use this until your F4 disintegrates. Thick lines, color cell, change text color, you name it, F4 it.

6. Leave the Shift and the Caps key alone.

Type your formulas in the small case. They will auto-capitalize if you write them correctly. Your fingers are free-er to do the right thing then.

7. Formulas you must know on fingertips


Remember, You MUST sort first for…

Holiday presents for those who want to know everything

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Getting Started

Everything you need for your first spark program

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Graphic by Author: Spark Bee

This is a condensed article for starting with PySpark if you are making the jump from Python. It is aimed at answering beginners' questions and cleaning out some jargon.

Spark Basics — What is Spark?

Spark is a software application that enables you to handle big data by allowing you to access computational resources from multiple computers.

In awe of Anna Karenina

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It is hard to not think about the ‘making of’ of such a book as this. As I read it, it felt like I was watching a painting being made. Tolstoy has a way of laying an outline, filling in the details, and creating an atmosphere with adjectives, as if creating emotions with strokes in a painting. …

Yet here I am. Alive, well, and human.

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I “passed” all my life tests. I have the best job among my peers. Was everything great? Why wasn't I feeling great? I was good at my job, I was in the best shape of my life. …

October themed Haiku

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Orange, Green, Yellow and Peace

While falling it smiles

Thanks, Rochelle Silva for the prompt!

Here are her beautiful 3 lines:

and from Lucy The Eggcademic (she/her) herself:

Tagging Mayank Pamnani, Thomas Hoffmann, Krupesh Raikar and Priyanka Mane to try their hand at a Haiku!

Wordless thanks to everything that keeps me alive

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These are all questions I bother myself about very often. After a moment of reflection, I realized the glaring redundancy in these questions. I never “behaved like a girl”, “like a thin person” or a “smart person”. I couldn’t! it is technically impossible because I AM my frame of reference for the rest of the world. Whereas I am my coordinate system, everyone else are points on it. I am a person, who abides by what makes me fit in the most.

Take for example, claims to my femininity. I don't “behave” feminine or masculine. I behave in a certain way. I then see in the society that people with similar genitals to mine behave in a certain way. I imply the same behavior to myself to “fit-in”, and begin with the only common ground of identity there is at birth, which is genitals. The next time I have on a push-up bra or a baby-voice, a “man” smiles at me and pays for my drink. This makes me feel “rewarded” for being what is socially called “feminine”, because of which I go out into the world armed with more borrowed features which are “feminine”. What varies from person to person is the reward function. Sometimes it is the pat on the back from the family, which might make “conservative” stereotypes my reward function because I feel the safest being accepted by the family. Other times, it is the society that I turn to for my reward. Since either my family isn't as rewarding or the family rewards being accepted by society. …

Comics by Korlakunta

My Phone is a Peeping-Sam(sung)

In case it isn’t please send me a software update that makes it one.


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Curious by nature, humorous by choice, data analyst by vocation, & top writer in books.

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