Thefunnyauslander: An Anonymous Meme-maker’s Way to German TV

A story of immigration, internet-hate, and influencer success.

Sruthi Korlakunta
7 min readMar 5, 2021

Thefunnyauslander on Instagram

As of today, nearly everyone has an internet content venture. Fame, glory, and “the next-level” are on almost everybody’s day-dreams — whether they speak it out loud or not.

thefunnyauslander, an Instagram page by an immigrant in Germany, made an appearance on German TV, a step most people would call making the “next-level”.

The creator wishes to remain anonymous (read on to know why). I will not get into details of his person.

Here is the story of thefunnyauslanderan Instagram channel making viral memes about immigrant life in Germany. It is the story of spinning your insecurities into humor and then into national TV.

From Instagram to online business to Television

Thefunnyauslander memes

Since its establishment less than a year ago, thefunnyausländer has amassed a followership of 16k Instagrammers. But that is not even the best part.

“Last year at this time, I didn’t even own a page. But soon after I started, my memes got shared thousands of times.

I was thrilled! The fact that people related to my content, and that they laugh at it, gives me a sense of great, great satisfaction.”

Any creator would attest to how much joy followership and audience can bring. Think about the last time you smiled at a “like”.

What came next for TFA was a business out of a hobby and an appearance on Television.

Turning Instagram into “the real deal”

Thefunnyauslander memes

To most immigrants, it always comes down to “Can I turn it into an income stream?”.

This is a fair question. No one would leave home to strange lands if it was not for the prospect of achieving experience or simply…

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