Sattvii — A Small Business Success Story in Germany

Don’t wait for new ideas to come, work on the ones you already have.

Sruthi Korlakunta
6 min readFeb 12, 2021


Small ideas can change everything for you. Image credits: Sattvii.

The ratio of people who spin-off into a self-owned business to those who dream about doing it is notably tiny. The first and the most important question that stops one from getting off the floor is clearly — “What should I do?”.

In fact, as long as you are willing to “Do something about it”, says Viswatez Repakula, a self-made entrepreneur, you don’t have to look far to generate money by making the world a little more perfect.

Here the story of Viswatez, an Indian immigrant from Anantapuram, Andhra Pradesh to Stuttgart, Germany, and a Project Manager from Porsche AG who spun his little boy’s accident into a successful business of sustainable lunch boxes.


“That was a day I cannot forget. My 18-month old son needed surgery due to a major accident in his playschool. My wife was in pieces. I was trembling”.

That was when Ramya decided she would find a livelihood that will let her be there for her family, day or night. “I will only work where I can give my son the time he needs and deserves”.

It was clear to Tez and Ramya that they had to kick start their next adventure. If there was no place where they could give their little one all their attention while also preparing for his future, they were going to make one themselves.

The couple spent a year researching businesses that will get them their freedom while also permitting them to lead their lives regardless of their location.

Being a first-generation immigrant family in Germany, they knew that there might come a day where they would need to attend to duties back at home.

How the idea was born

Ramya’s nose puckered at the plastic-clad smell of cut fruit in her son’s lunch box. There was no way her son was going to eat the fruit she wouldn't even smell.

Hours of research on amazon showed exorbitant prices and scarce availability, if any at all, for a metal-box with a good design.



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