How to Travel Switzerland on a Budget and a Camping Checklist

From my recent travels to this marvelous heaven on earth.

Sruthi Korlakunta
7 min readAug 11

The advice I will give is most uncomplicated if you are already in Europe. But, I met people from the USA, Australia, China, and the most remote parts of the world doing the same thing while I was there. So it is not impossible to do if you're from somewhere else.

Interlaken and Grindelwald

Interlaken is hands down, the most beautiful city I’ve seen in my life. I traveled to Grindelwald, a small village close to Interlaken, and stayed there for a week. This place was as close as I could get to heaven on earth.

Interlaken, a view from a mountain peak. Photo by moi.

I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. The grass was literally greener than anywhere else I can remember, the water was a pristine turquoise blue. Numerous waterfalls along the road, bright green pastures with grazing cows, and mountain peaks that paint the sky with a stunning view — it was an experience for a lifetime.

While I looked for accommodation and travel options to get there, a quick search told me this was going to make quite a dent in my bank account.

Switzerland is the third most expensive country in the world. For comparison, a coffee costs about 3.80 Eur. in Germany in a nice cafe in Bavaria. In Switzerland, the cheapest coffee at a cafe was over 6 Eur. But this “double price” is only if you get lucky. A bottle of Hugo costs about 2 Eur. in Germany. This was 9 Eur. in a supermarket in Switzerland. Accommodation costs for two in a Swiss chalet range from about 2500 Eur. to over 3500 Euros a week at the top of the season!

Can you really enjoy a holiday while you're constantly worried about breaking the bank?

So I found a hack. Camping!

Nestled among the mountains, our camping place down there in white.

Camping in the wild — Checklist

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