A Solo Traveler’s Packing List For Bicycle Touring in Europe

For about 7 days, stuff that fits in your bike pack.

Sruthi Korlakunta
6 min readAug 15, 2022

My MTB Mallepuvvu at Lake Garda in North Italy. (Packs are off for the picture)

I went on my first ever solo bike-packing last week, about 330 Km over 4 days. I started in Trento, Italy, went south, and then east, topped off with a mesmerizing end at Venice. An experience I’d never forget until the day I die.

This was my second ever 300+ KM bike tour, and the first one solo.

As someone who has no clue where life is headed, and a half-year-long turning thirty crisis, this bike trip was cleansing to the mind.

What’d I do differently if I did it again? Hear a lesser amount of music on the road and stayed with my silence more comfortably. The fun-est parts were where my earphones died out.

If you are planning a bike-packing trip on your own, here is a packing list I took with me. I did not camp or make my own food. I had the luxury of hostels, hotels, and Airbnb on the way (whichever one was the cheapest).

The packing list

For you to be completely comfortable and fearless in a foreign country, traveling as a lone woman (or a man…), Here are the things that I packed. I’ll also tell you what I’d leave out and what I wish I had packed more of.

My bike mallepuvvu and her backpack in Trento.


Things to do for safe travels:

  1. Keep an easily accessible note (Say in your mobile-phone holder on your handle) with your emergency contacts, their phone numbers, and emails in case you should get in trouble.
  2. Carry a big, fat power bank (Very important.). A backup of it too if you can.
  3. Take care to see that you don't run out of internet. Get a good data plan.
  4. Write down the list of your hotels, accommodations, and their telephone numbers and addresses in case your phone should die or get lost.
  5. Set up the emergency dial on your phone ( Something that can easily call the police or ambulance for help. Most android phones have this option for SOS)

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